Omnium Cargo Team Rider Wins World Championship

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A big victory for the Omnium Cargo as it is ridden to a 1,2 finish by Angus ‘Beaver’ Edmond and Jimmi ‘Jumbo’ Bargisen in the men’s race, with Tanja Kjaer coming second in the women’s race too.

CMWC was an incredible experience for Team Omnium and for all the other 500+ messengers from all over the world who came to participate in the excitement. A huge thank you to all who were involved at CMWC and who made it a super well organised and fun event for all.

Here’s some pictures from Emma Bonde, a video of the main cargo race by CMWC, and FOLLOW this link for a feast of Vine clips:

From left to right: ?, Thomas ‘Toto’ Cruzeby, Tanja Kjaer, Jimmi ‘Jumbo’ Bargisen, Angus ‘Beaver’ Edmond, ?, Simon ‘Snus’ Busk, ?, Fabrice