Weekend Avisen on CMWC

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The Danish weekend newspaper Weekend Avisen had an article this weekend on the Cargo Messenger World Championships and the rise of both Bullitt bikes and Omnium Bikes. The article is available for a limited time on this link: click here

It’s in Danish of course, but here’s a short quote translated into English:

“…Before Omnium came along, Bullitt dominated in all competitions for cargo bikes, often with 48-year-old company owner Hans Fogh himself in the saddle. At last year’s world championship for bicycle messengers, he rode his Ferrari Red bike with 20 gears into 1st place. Second and third place also went to riders on Bullitt bikes… It quickly became clear that the first real showdown between Bullitt and Omnium would take place in the Swiss town of Lausanne on Lake Geneva. This weekend town hosted the Cycle Messengers World Championship (CMWC), an annual event where bike messengers from around the world come together to compete in various disciplines, including a competition for cargo bikes that tests the bicycles speed, strength and maneuverability…”