Safety Note – Please Check Your Steerer Bar

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Safety issues!

It’s always a good idea to check the steering rod once in a while as part of general maintenance. But we just learned that some of the complete build MRK3 bikes have left Taiwan with the steering rod and ball joints not tightened properly.

It is the responsibility of the dealer where you purchased your Omnium bike to check the bike in detail for any safety or performance issues before passing it over to the owner. But just to be on the safe side we are issuing a general urgent message to all owners and dealers to check the steering linkage on all Omnium bikes.

If you are qualified to do this yourself then you should remove the rod assembly with an Allen key and spanner. Unscrew one of the ball bearing heads completely and remove the washer. Then re-insert it and tighten it up again. Tighten up the other ball joint. They should now align and be ready to be remounted. If you have any doubts of your ability to do this then please walk your bike to the dealer where you bought it and ask them to help. If you don’t want to take the bike back to the dealer then any competent bike mechanic will be able to do the job in 5 minutes.

Please get in touch if you need more info.