Thank you for your support!

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Dear all,

Thank you all for the brilliant support over the last months! We are completely blown away by all the interest that has been shown towards Omnium and we feel deeply honored by it.

Since we have been surprised by the size of the demand that has come our way in these months, we would like to use the opportunity to communicate our road map for the future. 

First off: We are on it! Bikes of all types are being currently produced or on their way to Copenhagen. If you want to have an overview of what is coming and when, please look at our future stock page.

Secondly: Please be patient! While restocking is our highest priority, there are some things we can’t push to be faster than they are currently going. From starting production to receiving it in our shop waiting times are several months, that’s how it is.

Thirdly: The turnaround from the last months is being used onto having a more stable and demand-proof in-house stock. Thank you for this!

Omnium is looking forward to the next months with a bright smile and we hope, you can bear our growing pains with us. They are definitely exhilarating and push our team steadily forward. Keeping up the quality and being there for you is still on our top-3-list (next to restocking), so you can definitely count on us going higher than ever before.

Peace out & Happy riding!

The Omnium Team