Omnium By Ortlieb 89L Duffle RC

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A rugged, waterproof bag designed for the Omnium rack. Its rolltop closure offers instant access, while the innovative Cargo Straps (optional extra) ensure swift attachment or removal. With detachable shoulder straps for easy carrying off-bike and ample space in 49L or 89L options, this duffle is your go-to for reliable commuting or cargo packing, come rain or shine.


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Seamlessly blending functionality with durability, the Ortlieb Duffle RC is an essential companion for the city dweller or adventurer. Designed and manufactured by Ortlieb for Omnium, it offers quick access through its rolltop closure system, which means you can get to your essentials without having to remove the bag. The new, quick-to-use Cargo Straps (optional extra) let you attach or detach the duffle in a flash, saving time when you are in a hurry.

Once you’ve arrived, the detachable shoulder straps transform the duffle into a portable bag, effortlessly transitioning from bike rack to shoulder. Whether you’re navigating the daily commute or setting off on a cargo packing adventure, this waterproof duffle stands up to the elements, ensuring your belongings stay dry no matter the weather.

Available in both 49L for lighter loads and 89L for those bigger hauls, the Ortlieb Duffle RC doesn’t just carry your cargo—it safeguards your stuff with unrivaled ease and reliability.

Note from the manufacturer:

To achieve the IP64 degree of protection (6 = dust-tight, 4 = splash-proof from all directions), the closure must be rolled up 3 to 4 times over and secured.


  • waterproof travel bag with roll-top closure and detachable shoulder straps
  • versatile, also perfect for cargo bikes
  • large opening for perfect, quick access
  • practical roll closure (RC = roll closure)
  • two auxiliary buckles at the top and two buckles at the sides
  • several daisy chains on the top and two on the side at the bottom for securing the bag or attaching accessories
  • padded, detachable shoulder straps for comfortable carrying as a backpack
  • shoulder straps can be connected with hook-and-loop fastener to form a carrying strap
  • durable material
  • made in Germany


Dimensions (HxWxD): 40cm x 71cm x 40cm

Volume: 89L